Go Home Jose Mourinho, You’re Drunk

In recent days Chelsea Football Club under the transfer policy of second year boss Jose Mourinho has re-signed aging striker Didier Drogba and shipped out young striker Romelu Lukaku. These moves viewed in a vacuum are perplexing because Lukaku is one of the most promising and productive young strikers in all of Europe with 65 league goals already scored at just the age of 21 in his time at Anderlecht, Chelsea, West Brom and Everton. While Drogba who is well past his prime at the age of 36 has spent the last few seasons in a lesser league playing for Galatasaray of Turkey scoring 15 goals in 37 league games.

With these numbers in mind, why on Earth would any manager replace the productive and potential filled Lukaku (who was the replacement for Drogba when he left after the 11/12 season) with Drogba himself? Only the self proclaimed ‘Special One’ could get away with such a move because he has the English and European media eating from his hand and he can do no wrong in their minds. To complicate things further when you look outside of the aforementioned vacuum, Mourinho also spent 38m Euros on Brazilian/Spanish striker Diego Costa in a move that was completely unnecessary. Chelsea already had one of the most productive and highly rated strikers in the Premier League on their books with Lukaku and who knows if Costa’s game will translate to the Premier League (better players have failed to make the transition). This move along with the fact that enigmatic striker Fernando Torres who has been poor in his three years at the club supposedly still has a future at Stamford Bridge must make people question if Mourinho is cracking under the pressure in his second stint at Chelsea.

I understand the fact that managers will bring in players that they are comfortable working with but at what cost? It seems for Chelsea the cost could end up being quite high if Lukaku continues to develop as many think he will which leads me to say, “Go Home Jose Mourinho, You’re Drunk!”

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