4th Round FA Cup Nuggetz!

The fourth round of the FA Cup proper has already kicked off this weekend with today’s interesting nil-nil draw between Manchester United and League Two side, Cambridge United. The match was a good example of how a nil-nil wasn’t that boring if you’re into the romanticism of the cup… which we are here at Two Daft Yanks! Cambridge earned themselves a historic draw and a massive payday which will pay for the entire annual salary budget and some nice pocket change for the club.

So, in the match between Cambridge & Manchester Untied, I’m predicting a nil-nil draw. Wakka Wakka! On to the actual picks for this round!:

Southampton-Crystal Palace
It’s nothing but a party so far in Alan Pardew’s stint at Crystal Palace. Will his French Revolution at Newcastle soon find it’s way to Selhurst Park or will the Englishman have given up his flirtations with Gallic things and give up his Alain Pardieu persona. There can only be one French manager in London after all, because the press wouldn’t be able to figure out which one to bash more if there were two. Meanwhile Ronald Koeman is just having Southampton plod along after having sold several of their best players at the beginning of the season. Nothing to see here! Just a guy who can manage, that’s all!

Southampton 3, Crystal Palace 2 (Sanogo grabs a goal!)

Brighton & Hove Albion-Arsenal
Whilst Chad always thinks of Stray Cat’s “Rumble in Brighton” whenever Brighton is mentioned, I always think of Led Zeppelin’s “Down by the Seaside.” As long as the Arsenal doesn’t get caught “watch(ing) the boats go sailing” they should have enough with the likes of Alexis Sánchez & Santi Cazorla in form to see off the Championship strugglers. If Cazorla’s dribbling skills against Man City aren’t mesmerizing enough for you, he’ll just dazzle you with his cheeky dance moves! Dancing With The Stars on Santi’s future docket! New wish- Arsène Wenger doing poplocks after lifting the FA Trophy in May again.

Arsenal 3, Brighton & Hove Albion 1

Manchester United-Cambridge United replay
Man U at Old Trafford is able to find a few goals which is nice for them since their squad would buy about a hundred Cambridges. Van Gaal is called a tactical genius yet again when he swaps De Gea & Rooney. Rooney plays in goal but scores from a free kick & the penalty spot, Rogério Ceni-style.

Manchester United 2, Cambridge United 0

Nuggetz crumbs
Blackburn Rovers 2, Swansea City 1 – Garry Monk’s misery continues!

Chelsea 4, Bradford City 0 – Mourinho taunts Bradford and the Chelsea fans yet again in his secret plan to eventually alienate EVERYBODY.

Derby County 3, Chesterfield 1 – Chesterfield should be nicknamed the cigarettes since it’s also the name of a brand of cancer sticks.

Sheffield United 1, Preston North End 0 – I got a hot tip from co-host that Sheffield United are “plucky.” Like a chicken or a banjo?

Birmingham City 2, WBA 1 – When will the other boxing federations besides the WBA field a team?

Cardiff City 1, Reading 1 – Cardiff might fare better if they were facing ‘Riting or ‘Rithmetic instead of Reading

Sunderland 10, Fulham 2 – Now that Sunderland has sold Altidore they’ll start scoring goals. Loads of them. Right?

Manchester City 2, Middlesbrough 1 – Citeh survive another underwhelming performance as an angry Citeh fan buys the FirePellegrini.co.uk domain

Sp*rs 3, Leicester City 2 – “If you can’t say anything nice, you shouldn’t say anything at all.” So, yeah, Sp*rs… On to something else.

Liverpool 4, Bolton Wanderers 2 – Balotelli scores as a substitute but is promptly sent off as his “celebration” involves urinating on the corner flag while taking a selfie.

West Ham United 2, Bristol City 0 – Carroll can’t stop scoring recently, so maybe he’s finally off the sauce a bit.

Bournemouth 2, Aston Villa 1 – Chad alluded to it on the podcast & I’m calling the upset. Thrilla at the Villa b/c Villa has been pretty Vanilla.

Rochdale 2, Stoke City 2 – I’ll try to say something nice about Stoke Rugby Club… At least they’re not Sp*rs.

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