Semi-Final FA Cup Nuggetz: Impostor Edition

I am taking a huge risk here, with the FA Cup semi-finals this weekend I have decided to co-opt Corey’s traditional FA Cup preview with my own version of the Nuggetz and risk bringing out the angry wolf in our favorite Cajun. Hopefully I can sneak this by him and avoid is wrath. Wish me luck and now on to the impostor version of the Nuggetz!


If you are a Reading supporter you have to be pretty happy in this point in time because the only way in the last 88 years for you to see a reference to your club in a FA Cup semi-final was by “Reading” a history book. The atmosphere at Wembley should be quite exciting with 31,000 Royals coming to London for a day out. Sad thing is not many will see it on television though as the match takes place at the same time as Manchester United versus Chelsea further devaluing the FA Cup (purposefully).  Arsenal will be tough competition for the Championship side being the current FA Cup holders looking to become the first back to back winners since Chelsea (08/09 and 09/10). The only question is will Piers Morgan be in the  stands with a “Wenger Out, Klopp In” sign?

 Arsenal 3 – Reading 1 (Reading defense will be distracted by the dreamy Giroud)

Aston Villa- Liverpool

I’m expecting the ultimate crash and burn scenario for Villa against the Reds this weekend. The Villains are coming off an emotional 1-0 win over Spurs and their manager Tim Sherwood will be as ego driven as ever after besting his former club and will surely double down against Liverpool with a commemorative gilet and PASHUN ™. Unfortunately for Aston Villa even though the Liverpool backline at times is as leaky as the iCloud (hello Jennifer Lawrence), Aston Villa really only has one goal scoring threat in Christian Bentekkers. Liverpool have more than enough goal scoring prowess to make up for it lead by the Cheech and Chong of the Premier League Raheem Sterling and Jordan Ibe. Although my running theory is Real Madrid have found these damning images and have leaked them to drive down Sterling’s transfer price. I can only see this match going one way.

Liverpool 2 – Aston Villa 0 (Wembley patrons beware of flying gilets)

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