Pro Rel Week Review

Last week a few like-minded individuals and groups organized a grassroots level campaign to promote the practice of promotion and relegation through the creation of Pro Rel Week. This was done to coincide with the US Open Cup and the last week of most European domestic seasons where the actual promotion and relegation occurs. Many outsiders have labeled our efforts a “failure” but I would disagree and would label #ProRelWeek a smashing success. We accomplished exactly what we set out to do by making the topic a discussion point on social media, pubs, television and radio.

Last week beIN Sports and XM Radio had promotion and relegation discussions that no doubt were put into motion due to our campaign. Furthermore supporters all across the country took to US Open Cup matches with “Promotion Relegation USA” banners and “#ProReleForUSA” scarves. This event will return next year and will grow due to our initial efforts as American’s demand that stories like Leicester City in England and Eibar in Spain become possible here.

Below are some of the best pictures from #ProRelWeek, I hope you enjoy them!

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