North London Derby Bantz; We Wuz Hacked!

I don’t know what happened, Chad! We wuz hacked! Russians! Arshavin! Usmanov! Spetsnaz, KGB, ABC, 123, Fele Alli. Since we’re on the decline these days, here’s some bantz to Sp*rs. Have to get some in before rival banter is classified as hate speech. I probably got us put on some list there, so, moving on:

There was a recent debate apparently where some silly people apparently thought Harry Kane (which is Olde Spudian English for “he who breathes through his mouth”) was better than Thierry Henry. I usually stay away from these kind of “who’s the best?” debates because they are highly subjective in most cases but I’m definitely siding with Henry on that one. He won two doubles and three league titles, one of which was one where we were awarded the only golden EPL trophy in history. Ancient history? Yep. Absolutely. So will we all be, one day. In four billion years the sun will enlarge to a red giant dwarf and engulf the earth and none of this will have mattered anyway…

Winning the league is a bit harder than nicking stereos, Sp*rs

Winning the league is a bit harder than nicking stereos, Sp*rs


Hurry up and read this before Chad takes it down like an out of control Adebayor going in on dodgy Arsenal ankles. In lieu of goals and Arsenal victories send your pies, Engerland.

Spetsnaz Arshavin

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  • I’m shocked that an Arsenal fan would pick Henry over Kane😂😂😂. In all seriousness this isn’t a debate yet at all. First win something and then we can talk.

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