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Microwave Generation- Adnan Januzaj

With the international break upon us, there’s a few more days to amp up the ridiculous (to me) hype over Manchester United’s starlet who burst on the scene last weekend, Adnan Januzaj (sorry, Chad, I linked to Wiki!). Is it a byproduct of our instantaneous, got-to-have-it-now, microwave generation that as soon as a player as young as Januzaj has a good game with a couple of goals (against the mighty, manager-less Sunderland, no less!), the English media rushes to hype (or “big up” as they say across the pond) the player? Or is it because the youngster plays for a club such as Manchester United that there is the immediate rush to start bandying about monikers like “the next “Cristiano Ronaldo?”

To be fair, the last charge I boosted from a comment online. Was that you, Hong Kong Man U Guy? Hyperbole! Fans has it! Anyway, who can blame them when a nation and English national association make inquiries as to the eligibility to play for the Three Lions. Is that desperation on the part of the English FA or just the perpetual love affair the nation has with skilled left-footers? I mean call me crazy (like a fox!) but perhaps the stiffs in the hallowed halls of the FA let Januzaj, oh I don’t know, maybe start a second match. Against a good team. Or have a season or two where he’s proven himself before they clamor to cap him. Or at least wait until he’s ENGLISH. Derp!

Fledgling career aside, there’s also the matter of Januzaj being eligible for no less than six nations- Belgium by birth, Albania by parentage, Serbia and Kosovo by parents’ citizenship (the latter has FIFA youth teams but not a senior FIFA-affiliated side), Turkey through his mother’s ancestry, and in a couple of years, England by residency.  The possible English eligibility becomes complicated because there are doubts whether he becomes eligible in 2015 or 2016. This is further complicated by the fact that Januzaj’s contract is nearing expiration and Barcelona, amongst others are, are already sniffing around the player.  There seems to be a national eligibility battle in the near future as Januzaj as he recently rejected a Belgian call-up.

Oh, by the way, Jack Wilshere would rather Adnan Januzaj be English. Like English English. Not like Foreign English. Looks like the English Bulldog is moving on from smoking to starting fires in immigration debates. Hopefully this leads to a snapping Wilshere v Januzaj tackle when the two sides meet.

Anyway, it’s funny to me that England is so forever “chasing 1966” that they would rush to inquire about Januzaj AFTER ONE GOOD GAME. One. LOLZ, England, that’s something the likes of Moldova or Lithuania would do. What, that Ricky Lambert thing ain’t working out for you?….

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