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Leicester City Juggernauts

Another Premier League weekend is in the books and that means the Two Daft Yanks are back! There is much to talk about this week so instead of rambling on about nothing how about we show you some show notes? On this week’s episode:

  • The Dark Arts With Diego Costa
  • Leicester City Juggernauts
  • North London Derby, League Cup Edition
  • NAC Breda, What’s In A Name?
  • Should the EPL do more to help it’s Champions League sides?

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TDY: Leicester City Juggernauts


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Premier League Clubs Ready To Take On Europe


The Champions League and Europa League draws have been made. Here are the groups for the six English sides that will look for European glory this 15/16 season. Take a look at the groups below and let us know how you think the English clubs will do in continental competition this year.

Champions League

Group B-

PSV Eindhoven

Manchester United

CSKA Moscow

VfL Wolfsburg

Group F-

Bayern Munich



Dinamo Zagreb

Europa League

Group B –






Group D-


Manchester City


Borussia Monchengladbach

Group G-



Dynamo Kiev

Maccabi Tel-Aviv


Group J –






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Transfer Mania


You can’t escape it; everywhere you look it inundates you on TV, radio, social media and this very blog (doh!). Everyone has transfer mania! This weekend all the major European leagues will be in action with Spain and Italy starting their league fixtures yet all anyone can and wants to talk about is transfers. After a somewhat dull summer of international football, international club friendlies and MLS we should all be buzzing to see top players at top clubs playing in top leagues. Yet, the only focus in the media and even commentary during matches is who is going to be transferred and to where. It is a product of an artificial transfer window that Corey and I tried to “fix” in the last podcast without much success.

Since the podcast, I have thought of one possible solution that I failed to mention that could be some type of middle ground to settle things down a bit. Getting rid of the transfer window all together is not an option in my opinion and would cause more harm than good. Perhaps keeping the transfer window open with is current dates with a slight tweak is the way to go. Here are my proposed changes:

1. Foreign transfers must be completed before the season starts.

2. The window will remain open until end of August/early September but only domestic transfers will be allowed.

This plan could easily have unintended consequences that I am not considering right now but would benefit the situation by forcing clubs to conclude their foreign business before the season starts. It would still allow for manager experimentation and squad changes to me made but those changes would have to be domestically based. There would still be transfer talk but limiting those transfers to domestic transfers would greatly reduce the current transfer three ring circus.

What are your thoughts? Is this a feasible solution or has the genie been let out of the bottle with the popularity of football in the global media?


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Tottenham Hotspur Training Pictures

Nice Grass!

Thanks to Jim Hart of Year Zero Soccer, I was able to see the Tottenham Hotspur training session today in an up close fashion. Here are some of the best pictures from the morning as Spurs prepare to take on the MLS All-Stars in Denver.

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I Believe But Why Bother?

Geiger stacks

I’ll say right off the bat that I know some people will disagree with this position but I’ll say it – the Gold Cup is really starting to become a tournament I really don’t give a damn about. On top of the ridiculousness of holding it every two years (can you say “ka-ching?”) the recent refereeing decisions in Mexico matches just leave a really bad taste in your mouth.

It’s always apparent that CONCACAF sets up their premier tournament in the hopes of a United States versus Mexico final but it’s hard not to believe they don’t outright rig it that way as well when Mexico gets such iffy penalty calls and in such late stages of the matches. I see some people say they would have given those penalties too. Yeah, you would have? Well, you would have been a terrible referee too then, guy.

It was hard enough to find motivation to watch this tournament after such a good Copa America tourney for me but the recent underwhelming USMNT performance coupled with blatant-looking CONCACAF corruption (yeah, because corruption is cured overnight, right, referee apologists?) are just more steps towards disliking international football more and more. I’m not against big money in sports but taking big money and kowtowing to big money and sponsors’ and television networks’ wishes are two different things. It’s similar to the people who complain about corporations buying politicians but they elect the same politicians over and over again. Well, somebody has to be taking the money. Corruption isn’t a one way crime.

I don’t want to get off into a political rant but just suffice to say I personally won’t be watching the United States’ third place match versus Panama or the final between Mexico and Jamaica. I would love it in fact if Panama boycotted and didn’t even show up and the US then proceeded to kick the ball around for 120 minutes not scoring just to show what a farce it all can be. And at the current moment I’m not even sure if I care about the Confederation’s playoff in October as well. It all smells like a giant farce right now. Sports bread and circuses, if you will. Wouldn’t you agree, Juvenal?

I believe.

I believe that.

I believe that CONCACAF is corrupt.

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