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Episode 23: We Are All Kiwis


It is that time of the week again where the Two Daft Yanks dazzle you with their daftness. This week sees us at another international break so there is plenty to talk about as we look at the week that was and the week that will be. On this week’s episode:

– Jurgen Klinsmann announces his USMNT roster for the games versus Scotland and Austria

– A look at the World Cup playoffs across the globe

– A Marriner rescues Chelsea from being adrift at sea

– Man U is back again!

– MLS Playoffs analysis

– The Cosmos are NASL champions!

Listen to or download the podcast below:

Two Daft Yanks Episode 23

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“You’re Welcome, Mexico”

So much for Chad & I’s Operation #ElevenMenOut. Instead, “#YoureWelcomeMexico” was trending on Twitter within an hour or two following the United States’ exhilarating/disappointing 3-2 win over a desperate Panama side in a rain-soaked Estadio Rommel Fernandez. Two goals from the Yanks in a most Manchester United-esque fashion  ruined Panamanian World Cup dreams and kept Mexico’s World Cup hopes alive despite the Mexican loss. Two goals in as many minutes in stoppage time? Move over Fergie time, it’s Klinsi time now!

You read that correctly in the opening paragraph too- I offered “disappointing” as a possible way to interpret the US win. I was one of the haters kind of wanting the US to lose to Panama to possibly eliminate Mexico from the World Cup altogether as the Mighty Era of Dominance Mexico lost to Costa Rica, 2-1. If not minding had the US lost, despite clinching first place in the CONCACAF hex in the prior match, would’ve eliminated El Tri then by all means, I’m a hater. With a capital H. Print me up a t-shirt that says “I’m a hater who wouldn’t have minded had the US lost as long as Mexico was eliminated,” & I’ll proudly wear that muthascratcher down Main Street. I’m flexible. I’m adaptable. Of course I liked that the US won. But I don’t have to not be disappointed a bit that the win allowed Mexico a gasping breath to remain alive for World Cup qualification by going into a playoff with the Oceanian champion, New Zealand.

Anyway, it made for interesting viewing that’s for sure. So, congrats, Mexico. Your era of dominance continues… on life support for the moment. A solid two wins and seven goals in ten matches in the hex. Of course, by solid, I mean solid like jello. Or pudding. Or flan. El triflanes!

Javier Hernandez, the Mexican Marouane Chamakh, said after Mexico’s loss,

If you want to see the playoff in the negative, that is one way to look at it but God has given us another chance and that is the way I see it,

Thanks for the high evaluation of the USMNT, Chamakharito, but I’d rather you call us “daddy” instead of “God.” Just deal with your new found mediocrity, dominance, whatever Mexico has these days, without risking vengeance for blaspheme, Little Pea. Or actually go ahead do that now that I think about… Go New Zealand!

Anyway, for all the Mexico backing into the playoff spot schadenfreude, mange!- Gracias a estrellas suerte! Mexico is a laughingstock that doesn’t deserve the playoff berth! Mexico must call Klinsmann when they play Who Wants To Be A Losernaire! Mexico has lessons to learn!

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Episode 20: Winter Of Discontent

Soccer Ball Snowman

Surprise! The Two Daft Yanks are here this week because Chad forgot when his vacation started (he really does need a vacation). That’s good news for you though because you know you would have missed the daftness. On this week’s episode:

– Some quick hex tidbits

– Cascadia Derby, Portland is triumphant in a chippy encounter

– MLS winter schedule rumor

–  Gareth Bale damaged goods

-Qatar 2022 World Cup, will it happen?

Listen to or download the podcast below:

TDY Episode 20

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Episode 19: Eleven Men Out*


The Two Daft Yanks makes their debut on the brand spanking new TDY website and oh boy do they feel good. Be sure to checkout all the new features and the great in post audio player with download capabilities. On this week’s episode:

– New website is up and running,

– Listener APB: South Korea and Australia

– Breakdown of the USA roster for the last two WCQ vs Jamaica and Panama

– A controversial idea that could possibly start a war

– World Cup seeding method set, what could the pots look like?

Listen or download below:

TDY Episode 19

*1919 Black Sox

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Episode 15: We Are Going To Brazil


The Two Daft Yanks are back to breakdown all that was USA v. Mexico in Columbus. They may or may not be a little bit hungover so keep it down if you could please. On this week’s episode:

– FIFA “fair play” pledge time to end the sham?

– USA 2 Mexico 0 analysis

– We answer your Twitter questions time

-US soccer media group think

-Qualified World Cup 2014 countries

Listen or download below:

TDY Episode 15

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