United Nations League

When FIFA has a good amount of idle time it is bad because, after a wave of corruption, another massive money grab is on its way. On this episode of TDY:

  • UEFA Nations League Global Expansion!
  • Mini and Minnow World Cup
  • What Is The End Game?
  • Too Much International Football?
  • Yahoo: Nations League Article
  • And More!

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United Nations League 


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I Believe But Why Bother?

Geiger stacks

I’ll say right off the bat that I know some people will disagree with this position but I’ll say it – the Gold Cup is really starting to become a tournament I really don’t give a damn about. On top of the ridiculousness of holding it every two years (can you say “ka-ching?”) the recent refereeing decisions in Mexico matches just leave a really bad taste in your mouth.

It’s always apparent that CONCACAF sets up their premier tournament in the hopes of a United States versus Mexico final but it’s hard not to believe they don’t outright rig it that way as well when Mexico gets such iffy penalty calls and in such late stages of the matches. I see some people say they would have given those penalties too. Yeah, you would have? Well, you would have been a terrible referee too then, guy.

It was hard enough to find motivation to watch this tournament after such a good Copa America tourney for me but the recent underwhelming USMNT performance coupled with blatant-looking CONCACAF corruption (yeah, because corruption is cured overnight, right, referee apologists?) are just more steps towards disliking international football more and more. I’m not against big money in sports but taking big money and kowtowing to big money and sponsors’ and television networks’ wishes are two different things. It’s similar to the people who complain about corporations buying politicians but they elect the same politicians over and over again. Well, somebody has to be taking the money. Corruption isn’t a one way crime.

I don’t want to get off into a political rant but just suffice to say I personally won’t be watching the United States’ third place match versus Panama or the final between Mexico and Jamaica. I would love it in fact if Panama boycotted and didn’t even show up and the US then proceeded to kick the ball around for 120 minutes not scoring just to show what a farce it all can be. And at the current moment I’m not even sure if I care about the Confederation’s playoff in October as well. It all smells like a giant farce right now. Sports bread and circuses, if you will. Wouldn’t you agree, Juvenal?

I believe.

I believe that.

I believe that CONCACAF is corrupt.

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Copa Oro Preview

The Two Daft Yanks are back after a brief break with a brand new website just in time for a Copa Oro Preview (AKA: Gold Cup). So sit back and relax to see if the Yanks think the USMNT can win back to back Gold Cups for the second time. On this week’s episode:

  • USMNT beats Guatemala in a warm-up friendly.
  • What is the best USMNT starting XI?
  • Surprise team of 2015?
  • Group winners and knockout stage participant predictions
  • And more!

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Copa Oro Preview

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USMNT Stars Must Shine In Order To Defeat Belgium

With one CONCACAF side out (sorry Mexico, actually I’m not that sorry) and another side through into the quarterfinals (Congratulations Costa Rica!). US Soccer is the third and final vote in CONCACAF knockout round success. If the Yanks are to beat Belgium it will require a team effort of course but their three best players (Tim Howard, Michael Bradley and Clint Dempsey) must play to the level that has boosted them to American star status in the past. Here is a breakdown of those three USMNT stars so far in the 2014 World Cup.

Tim Howard

The Everton keeper has played outstanding so far coming into this match as the seventh highest rated keeper in the World Cup for those keepers making three or more starts with a 7.16 rating from WhoScored.com. He was hung out to dry by his defense on the two goals Portugal scored and the goal by Muller in the Germany match was one I don’t think any keeper on Earth could have saved. Howard always finds a way to make one or two saves that keeps the USA level or ahead and he will have to play at that level again if the USA is to defeat the Red Devils. Out of all the USA players he is the one I worry about the least and I am confident he will have a strong game come Tuesday.

Michael Bradley

The former Roma man and current Toronto FC player has found his more advanced position to be sort of a struggle at the World Cup level. Bradley comes into the Belgium match as the lowest rated US player who has started all three group stage matches with a rating of  6.53 according to WhoScored.com. If the USA are to beat Belgium they will need Bradley to be at his best and completing passes in the attacking half of the field. He has failed to do this so far on a consistent basis and in my opinion it will be nearly impossible for the US to beat Belgium without Bradley either scoring a goal or setting one up for somebody else. If Bradley can score a goal or provide the spark to create one I put the USA’s chances at winning at over 60%, that’s how important I think he is. Out of position or not this is one of the biggest games in Bradley’s career and he needs to come through with a performance because his nation needs him to do so.

Clint Dempsey

The rough and tough Texan leads the US with two goals scored and has generally played well even with a broken nose suffered in the Ghana match. He was the lowest rated USA player in the most recent Germany match (an abysmal 5.67 according to WhoScored.com) mainly because he was left severely isolated for long stretches at a time. Belgium has not pressed as hard defensively as Germany or Ghana in this World Cup and the USA should see more of the ball. That should allow Michael Bradley, Graham Zusi and Alejandro Bedoya to provide Dempsey service to do what he does best, score goals. Deuce’s flair and confidence is back all he needs is support from his teammates to find the back of the net versus Belgium.

What do you think? What would you like to see from the three USMNT stars above in the match versus Belgium? Let us know in the comments section or on Twitter! (@TwoDaftYanks).

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Episode 21: Blackjack


The Two Daft Yanks are back in style after Chad’s vacation with lucky episode 21. Chad is lucky that he is not in a secret homeland security prison (seriously, no joke) and Corey is lucky because the gears are finally in motion on his under water mortgage. Much has happened in the soccer world so there is a plenty to talk about. On this week’s episode:

-MLS Playoffs are set.

-MLS Expansion, hello Orlando City

-Klinsmann challenges the MLSers

-World Cup expansion?

– The NFL and London, we told ya so.

Listen to or download the podcast below:

TDY Episode 21

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