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Copa Oro Preview

The Two Daft Yanks are back after a brief break with a brand new website just in time for a Copa Oro Preview (AKA: Gold Cup). So sit back and relax to see if the Yanks think the USMNT can win back to back Gold Cups for the second time. On this week’s episode:

  • USMNT beats Guatemala in a warm-up friendly.
  • What is the best USMNT starting XI?
  • Surprise team of 2015?
  • Group winners and knockout stage participant predictions
  • And more!

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Copa Oro Preview

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World Cup Has Noteworthy Opening Weekend

The 2014 World Cup hosted by Brazil has been quite the entertaining event so far. After the first four days it can be deemed to be a smashing success both on and off the field. Let’s cover the off the field issues first. Before any major international sporting event you see stories of how disorganized the host is and that the event could end up being a complete nightmare for all of those involved (see the Russian winter Olympics as well as the 2010 Word Cup in South Africa). The build-up of possible gloom and doom from the media has not come to pass though and while I’m sure some of this has been happening we have had no wide spread reports of: stadiums being unsafe for spectators at games, people stuck in traffic jams for hours upon hours, and roving bands of criminals robbing/mugging people left and right.

In a issue that straddles the line of on and off the field, all the pitches have been in more than playable condition even the much talked about pitch in the middle of the Amazon rain forest in Manaus where pictures of pure horror were circulating the internet days before the England vs Italy match (green spray paint does wonders!).

On the field this World Cup has been nothing short of spectacular so far with scoring up and each game ending up being fairly entertaining. Here are my on the field highlights of note so far:

– Dodgy refereeing has come and pass after the opening games where Brazil received some home town cooking to see off Croatia with a dubious penalty and Mexico had some goals controversially ruled out in their win against Cameroon.

– The Dutch put a 5-1 hammering on the defending World Cup champions of Spain showing that “Total Football” and RVP flight is superior to “Tiki Taka” football (for now).

– Colombia’s players and supporters put on a passionate display against Greece showing they are ecstatic to return to football’s largest stage since 1998.

-Costa Rica put in a high quality display of football in defeating Uruguay on South American soil.

– The bearded maestro Pirlo put on a master class completing 100 passes in the Azzurri’s 2-1 win over England.

– The Swiss scored the latest goal in the history of the group stage in their last second win over Ecuador.

-Goal line technology was used for the first time to confirm a goal  in France’s  3-0 win over 10-man Honduras.

-Argentina used the fastest own goal in World Cup history and a Messi strike to get past Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Let’s hope that this edition of the World Cup can keep up it’s momentum for the coming week with games featuring Germany, Portugal and Belgium still to come. At the very least I ask the football Gods to keep the positivity flowing through Monday night when the USMNT takes on Ghana.


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