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Beware The Ides Of March


The Two Daft Yanks are back and we urge you to beware the ides of March. Jose Mourinho didn’t and the “campaign against Chelsea” is in full swing…et tu Mike Dean? There is much to talk about this week so enjoy the show and be on the lookout for people in togas with knives. On this week’s episode:

  • Quick recap of this weekend’s EPL action
  • Is the title race close to being over?
  • Zimbabwe banned from 2018 World Cup
  • This Week In Daftness
  • The surrounding the ref epidemic
  • 2015 Gold Cup groups
  • And more!

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TDY: Ides Of March 

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The MLS Driven Anti-Klinsmann Agenda

Yesterday, USMNT coach Jurgen Klinsmann was short listed for FIFA’s world coach of the year award. In normal circumstances this would be a cause for celebration for the American media and fans alike but unfortunately the domestic soccer scene has been poisoned. Who has tainted the US Soccer waters you ask? That would be coaches, players, front office personnel, media members and fans who are heavily connected to MLS. They have hijacked mainstream American soccer thought and do not look favorably on anything or anyone that isn’t a water carrier for the MLS. Klinsmann has been very outspoken on the problems he perceives the MLS to have and this has caused him to receive more criticism than the last two USMNT coaches (Bradley and Arena) combined.

Klinsmann’s criticism about the MLS although harsh and uncomfortable at times is often correct. He was brought in to change the culture of the USMNT and it’s development system and instead of working to improve our talent pool; the MLS and Don Garber would rather hold press conference saying Klinsmann has “disrespected’ the league. MLS thinks they are the be all and end all of American soccer but he truth is the game has a much deeper history in this country than a league that started waaaaaaaay back in 1996. Hey, how ya doing New York Cosmos?

Instead of celebrating a coach who got the USMNT out of the group of death with a squad made up of less talented (mostly MLS based) players (sorry the truth hurts), the MLS driven anti-Klinsmann agenda would rather proclaim he doesn’t deserve the honor and if he does then Bradley should have received the same nomination in 2010 and Arena in 2002. These are the types of arguments that get you nowhere and shows that there is nothing Klinsmann can do to win the vocal and media based hardcore MLS zealots over. It’s okay though because when/if MLS reaches their goals to be an elite league, there is no doubt in my mind it will be because US Soccer finally embraces the ideals Klinsmann is preaching and not the cold marketing based perspective preached by Commissar Garber.

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Episode 38: Never Go Against The Club


It was another eventful soccer week with international friendlies and the magic of the FA Cup taking center stage. The Two Daft Yanks Podcast is back to guide you though what you need to know from all the action. On this week’s episode:

The USMNT falls to Ukraine 2-0 in Cyprus. Is Tim Howard a future coach or manager?

This week in daftness is back featuring Nike, FIFA kit regulations impacting bandwith  and Birmingham City’s owner.

A breakdown of this weekend’s FA Cup action and draw, can Wigan go back to back?

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Two Daft Yanks Episode 38


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Episode 21: Blackjack


The Two Daft Yanks are back in style after Chad’s vacation with lucky episode 21. Chad is lucky that he is not in a secret homeland security prison (seriously, no joke) and Corey is lucky because the gears are finally in motion on his under water mortgage. Much has happened in the soccer world so there is a plenty to talk about. On this week’s episode:

-MLS Playoffs are set.

-MLS Expansion, hello Orlando City

-Klinsmann challenges the MLSers

-World Cup expansion?

– The NFL and London, we told ya so.

Listen to or download the podcast below:

TDY Episode 21

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