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Americana Summer

Another week where US Soccer spanned the continents seeing a mix bag of results in this Americana summer. The Two Daft Yanks are back to break it all down so you know what matters and what is just crowd noise. On this week’s episode:

  • USMNT Defeats Germany
  • Preliminary Copa Oro Roster
  • US U-20’s Go Down In PK’s
  • USWNT Turf Complaints
  • NASL Update
  • This Week In Daftness: Rouge Marriage Edition
  • And More!

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Americana Summer 

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Argentina v Germany World Cup Final History

Argentina and Germany will meet in a World Cup Final for a record breaking third time on Sunday in Rio de Janeiro at the Maracanã. The two sides have split their two head to head finals thus far and this third final will act as the rubber match of the series. Both sides are looking to make history, a German win would mark the first time a non South American country has won the World Cup on South American soil and an Argentina win would give them a world title on the soil of their bitter rivals Brazil. Here is a quick look at the past two finals these countries have contested:

1986, Estadio Azteca, Mexico City

Argentina 3 West Germany 2









Manager Carlos Bilardo set out Argentina in a 3-5-2 formation featuring some guy named Maradona as captain and a second striker. Germany also utilized a 3-5-2 formation (the hot formation at the time) under the direction of manager Franz Beckenbauer. The star player at the time for Germany was striker Karl-Heinz Rummenigge the current chairman at Bayern Munich.

Argentina took the lead in the first half on a goal in the twenty-third minute from sweeper Jose Luis Brown on a free-kick to the right of goal. That goal held until halftime and Argentina doubled their lead in the fifty-sixth minute courtesy of a Jorge Valdano side-footed strike. Germany made things interesting though scoring two goals off corners in the seventy-fourth minute and in the eighty-first minute from Rummenigge and Voller. The score did not stay level for long though and Argentina scored the third and winning goal just minutes later at the eighty-four minute mark off the boot of Jorge Burruchaga from a pass into open space from Diego Maradona.

The German loss was a history making moment as Franz Beckenbauer became the first person to lose a World Cup final as a player and a manager.

Watch highlights of this match here: Argentina v Germany World Cup Final


1990, Stadio Olimpico, Rome

West Germany 1 Argentina 0








Germany got revenge against Argentina for the loss in the previous World Cup final in Mexico. Bilardo and Beckenbauer were still the managers for each side and they both set-up (again) in a 3-5-2 formation. The 1990 final was the first World Cup final for current USMNT manager Jurgen Klinsmann who started the game at striker.

This match ended up being a more cagey affair than the previous final with just one goal scored and featured the first red cards in World Cup final history with two Argentine players being sent off at the sixty-fifth and eighty-seventh minute marks. The lone goal of the match was scored via penalty in the eighty-fifth minute by Andreas Brehme who was a defender for Inter Milan at the time. 

This World Cup win was Germany’s third World Cup title, a number they haven’t added to since.

Watch highlights of this match here: 1990 Argentina v Germany World Cup Final

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USMNT Group Review and Belgium Look Ahead


With knockout round qualification fron the ‘Group of Death’ secure there is just one goal left for Jurgen Klinsmann’s USMNT: survive and advance. The Two Daft Yanks are here to break it all down to provide a USMNT group review as the knockout stages begin for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. On this week’s episode:

– A quick review of our USMNT predictions versus the actual results.

– Some of the USA media have become experts in verbal gymnastics.

– Observations from the USMNT group stage games.

– Is there something wrong with Michael Bradley?

– USMNT vs Belguim, what to look for.

-And more!

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Two Daft Yanks: USMNT Group Review and Belgium Look Ahead  

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USMNT Win, Lose or Draw

No, I’m not talking about the game show of the late 1980’s. What I’m referring to is the numerous scenarios the USMNT faces tomorrow as they take on Germany in their quest to make it out of the group stage of the 2014 World Cup. The U.S. still has it all to play for after blowing a golden opportunity to clinch qualification against Portugal last Sunday. Here is what you need to know about the USA’s chances going forward win, lose or draw with some added commentary.


Simply put if the USA scores more goals than Germany, not only will they advance but they would win the group. This would be quite the amazing achievement given the fact that Germany is a true contender to reach the semifinal’s and final. A win is doubtful though in my mind because the Americans don’t match up versus Germany as well as they did against Portugal. Plus the Germans are the more rested side having played a day earlier and avoided the pitfalls of playing in hot and humid Manaus.


A loss doesn’t necessarily eliminate the USA from advancing to the knockout round but they would then have to rely on some good fortune in the Portugal and Ghana match. The two best options for the USA in a loss is a slight Portugal win or a stalemate between the two sides. Both these outcomes would see the USA through. A Ghana win though would put the USMNT in trouble and tiebreakers will come into play. A Ghana win could be in the cards because just like Germany they are more well rested and get to play a drained Portugal side fresh from the rainforest. A loss and a Ghana win would be a tough pill to swallow as the USA was just seconds away from clinching advancement against Portugal. The soccer Gods tend not to offer second chances to those who fail to seize opportunities and a Ghana victory is very possible.


A draw would see both the USMNT and Germany into the next round. Klinsmann and Löw both claim that they will go for the win but surely this is bravado. If we are into the later stages of the second half with the game still deadlocked, pragmatism surely must come into play. Either side intends not to play for a draw but if the situation does present its self it would be somewhat foolish to go for a goal that may or may not come when survival can be had depending on the status of the Portugal and Ghana game.

I have no clue how all this will play out but the World Cup has been very exciting and competitive so far and I would expect that trend to continue into the last games of the USA’s group. Let’s hope they come away with some points making the Portugal and Ghana game nothing but a consolation match.

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World Cup Predictions


After months of build-up and anticipation we are only a few days away from the 2014 World Cup (soccer brethren rejoice!). The USA have been dealt a tough hand but you never know what will happen until the games are played. The Two Daft Yanks are here to give you their World Cup predictions so you can skip watching the games because what they say is gold (ok maybe not) On this week’s episode:

– A few quick thoughts from USA v Nigeria in Jacksonville

– USA Group G point projections

– Surprise, disappointing and imploding team(s) of the tournament

– World Cup history in the America’s

– Predictions on semifinals and the final.

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Two Daft Yanks: World Cup Predictions

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