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So Much To Say

Football has been played and there is analysis to be had. Luckily the Two Daft Yanks are back to break it all down so you can focus on more important matters like hiding that ten pounds of Halloween candy from your kids. On this week’s episode:

  • Why Always Mourinho?
  • This Week In Daftness: Hostage Edition
  • Remi Garde Takes Over At Aston Villa
  • What’t In A Name, Goes To South America
  • League Cup Draw
  • Look Ahead To The North London Derby
  • And More!

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TDY: So Much To Say

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Mourinho: Should He Stay Or Should He Go?

Jose Mourinho

Mourinho is under pressure at Chelsea. Will he survive?

English punk rock group The Clash (with a slight lyric tweak) provides the tag line for this weekend’s most pressing Premier League question. Jose Mourinho, should he stay or should he go?

Chelsea the defending Premier League champions have registered just 11 points in 11 games and find themselves 15th in the league table. The results for Chelsea have been poor and the club is not defending and finishing their chances as they did last season when they only lost three out of 38 matches. It is November first and the Blues have already dropped six matches which is something no one would have predicted to happen on this calendar date entering this season.

While the play on the pitch has been sub-par for a club with the number of quality players in it’s squad, the behavior of Mourinho both on and off the touchline has been quite odd and cynical even for the “Special One’s” standards. Mourinho is clearly under pressure and looks like a manager who has ran out of ideas when being placed into a situation he has never encountered before. Sources say the under pressure manager held “crisis” talks with Roman Abramovich after yesterday’s Liverpool loss and the Portuguese manager has the two matches this week to save his job.

One sticking point for Chelsea sacking Mourinho could be the pay out that the club would have to pay to send Mourinho on his way. Just this last August the club extended Mourinho’s contract four years at a reported £9.5m per season. Meaning it would require Abramovich and the club to lay out upwards of £30-40m to pay Mourinho off. Although a report in the Mirror (take with a HUGE grain of salt) claims their is a clause in the contract that requires the club to only pay one year (£9.5m) of compensation. If this report true it could make the Russian billionaires decision to let Mourinho go much easier.

This is a complicated situation for Chelsea because they are less than six months removed from winning the title and in order to sack Mourinho it would be best to have another quality manager already lined up. Hiring an elite manager in November with Chelsea in the situation they are in could prove to be quite difficult. We will see what happens this week but one would have to guess based on the rumblings coming out of Stamford Bridge that Jose’s second stint at Chelsea will end sooner rather than later.


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Go Home Jose Mourinho, You’re Drunk

In recent days Chelsea Football Club under the transfer policy of second year boss Jose Mourinho has re-signed aging striker Didier Drogba and shipped out young striker Romelu Lukaku. These moves viewed in a vacuum are perplexing because Lukaku is one of the most promising and productive young strikers in all of Europe with 65 league goals already scored at just the age of 21 in his time at Anderlecht, Chelsea, West Brom and Everton. While Drogba who is well past his prime at the age of 36 has spent the last few seasons in a lesser league playing for Galatasaray of Turkey scoring 15 goals in 37 league games.

With these numbers in mind, why on Earth would any manager replace the productive and potential filled Lukaku (who was the replacement for Drogba when he left after the 11/12 season) with Drogba himself? Only the self proclaimed ‘Special One’ could get away with such a move because he has the English and European media eating from his hand and he can do no wrong in their minds. To complicate things further when you look outside of the aforementioned vacuum, Mourinho also spent 38m Euros on Brazilian/Spanish striker Diego Costa in a move that was completely unnecessary. Chelsea already had one of the most productive and highly rated strikers in the Premier League on their books with Lukaku and who knows if Costa’s game will translate to the Premier League (better players have failed to make the transition). This move along with the fact that enigmatic striker Fernando Torres who has been poor in his three years at the club supposedly still has a future at Stamford Bridge must make people question if Mourinho is cracking under the pressure in his second stint at Chelsea.

I understand the fact that managers will bring in players that they are comfortable working with but at what cost? It seems for Chelsea the cost could end up being quite high if Lukaku continues to develop as many think he will which leads me to say, “Go Home Jose Mourinho, You’re Drunk!”

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